His session should be compulsory to all clinicians

Talks/Bespoke Training

Sokol has delivered major keynote speeches on medical ethics and law to large audiences (>3,000 delegates) around the world.

He has been ‘guest international speaker’ at leading international surgical conferences, and provided ethics training to healthcare companies and health authorities, including the Hong Kong Hospital Authority.

He gives regular talks at conferences, seminars, grand rounds, and other events, both nationally and internationally.

His speaking areas include medical ethics and law, with particular expertise on clinical ethics and clinical negligence.

A member of the prestigious Magic Circle, Sokol often incorporates one or two magical effects into his presentations to explain a point or principle.  All his lectures contain real-world examples and are designed to assist clinicians in their day-to-day practice.

Sokol offers bespoke training in ethics and professionalism to individual healthcare professionals and students, including for remedial purposes following allegations of misconduct.  His expertise in ethics and law places him in a unique position to assist clinicians and students facing disciplinary and Fitness to Practise hearings.

Tailored presentations

The presentations are typically 45 min – 1 hour long but can be tailored to your audience and any other requirements.

Previous Talk Topics

How to resolve ethical dilemmas in clinical practice; a practical guide

Ethical issues in end-of-life care

Surgical ethics

Clinical negligence for clinicians

The rights and wrongs of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide

Neonatal ethics

Medical ethics in conflicts and disasters

Ethics and law for the junior doctor

Truth-telling in medicine; is honesty always the best policy?

An introduction to moral theory for clinicians

Ethical issues in surgical complications

The ethics of informed consent

The ethics of confidentiality

How to publish in clinical ethics

The poisoned gift of authorship; the perils of gift authorship

Key ethical issues in research

The Hippocratic Oath and its relevance to modern medicine

Magic, medicine and medical ethics

Paternalism and autonomy in medicine

Voluntariness and consent in military research

The four quadrants approach to clinical ethics

Real life examples

Each lecture involves real-life examples, and some even include a magic trick or two to illustrate a point or principle.

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‘Thank you so much for the presentation tonight. It was simply brilliant – just right.’
‘Many thanks for your fabulous presentation last week. It was very well received by the international medico-legal consultants – the feedback has been very positive. It is always a pleasure to have you come and speak for us.’
‘This was a very good lecture. The lecturer was entertaining and made difficult scenarios easier to talk about and made me open-minded.’
‘Thank you very very much for being such a great Keynote Speaker and visitor to our meeting. The feedback from your contributions has been tremendous and you were a pleasure to deal with.’
‘Thank you for all the effort, skill and commitment you gave to provide us with such a stimulating and valuable course. There is such a lot I will take away with me.’
‘This was a very good lecture. The lecturer was entertaining and made difficult scenarios easier to talk about and made me open-minded.’
‘His session should be compulsory to all clinicians!’